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Commercial and Residential Dumpster Rental Service

If you are searching for Dumpster Rental in Metro Denver CO we at Roll-Off Remedies, Inc contract with the best dumpster rental waste management companies in the area to offer you the best pricing and the best service.  

We publish our prices because we offer the best dumpster rental pricing available! 

Call Bill at 303-433-1553 today if you need help in assessing Denver CO dumpster rental sizing needs for your project, we will walk you through the dumpster sizing process, and make sure you are not paying too much.  And our advice is free!  

Our flat-rate pricing gives you the confidence to know you are getting what you pay for.  While some companies hide their pricing we always advertise ours because we are confident in our prices.  We value our customers so we are always friendly, helpful and happy to hear from you! 

Below are our flat-rate Dumpster Rental Denver CO prices!
5 Day, 30 Yard Dumpster Rental, 5 Ton.  $450.00
Up to 5 Tons, $68 per Ton over 5 Tons. The Box will be picked up on the 6th Day.
Call Bill for additional Box Sizes and Pricing @ 303-433-1553
30 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in metro Denver CO
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Roll-Off Remedies, Inc. offers Debris Boxes and Roll-Off dumpsters in various sizes to fit your budget and your needs.Text
  • Hours of operation: 6:00 am to 5 pm Mon-Friday
  • Saturday Services (No Extra Charge)
  • 10yd, 12yd, 20yd, 30yd, 40yd, Roll-Off Boxes Available
  • No Delivery Charges
  • Dumpster Sizes and dimensions shown are estimates and not exact measurements. Dumpster Sizes will vary between manufacturers.
  • All Dumpster Rentals are subject to availability.
  • Dumpster Graphics are NOT TO SCALE, and Dumpsters/Containers pictured in the photos are NOT the Dumpsters/Containers delivered.
  • Pricing good within C470 Beltway. Outside of C470 is an additional $100.00 when available.
  • NO TIRES !!!     NO TIRES !!!     NO TIRES !!!

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Reviews ★★★★★

Michael Terry
I have been buying dumpsters from Bill for 8 years. He is awesome. They have never let me down and when I need help they have been there for me. THANK YOU BILL AND CATHY

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Serving the Denver Metro Area for over 15 years Google
Reviews ★★★★★

Brendan Neaton
My go-to moving forward! Quick, effective, friendly communication and very fair prices.

DO NOT PUT DIRT, BRICK, or CONCRETE into your Roll Off Dumpster without our prior written authorization!

What can & can not go into your dumpster
Reviews ★★★★★

Ralph Shinn
I have not used a roll-off service in Denver prior to engaging Roll-Off Remedies, Inc. Bill and his crew are top notch. Responsive, great pricing, and options galore for your project. I have a large remodel project and having a roll-off to handle the job is critical. Made my reservation online one night, received a call first thing the next morning with delivery the following day. I highly recommend them.

Estimated exterior dumpster dimensions are shown however actual Dimensions may vary, but the total volume is accurate.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

How much does it cost to rent a rolloff dumpster?

Dumpster Rental can run anywhere from $285.00 for a 10-yard dumpster to over $450.00 for a 40-yard dumpster in the Denver, CO Metro-area depending on the length of time you use the dumpster, and the type and weight of the debris you put in it.

How big is a 30-yard dumpster?

A 30-yard dumpster rental in Denver CO is 10 Cubic Yards and approximately 6’ Wide x 11.5’ Long x 5.25’ High.

How much does it cost to rent a 30-yard dumpster?

In Denver, CO you can rent a 30-yard dumpster for as low starting around $330.00 on a 5 Day, 30 Yard Box, 5 Ton Rental Up to 5 Tons, $50 per Ton over 5 Tons. The dumpster would be picked up on the 6th Day.

What can I put in a 30-yard dumpster?

You can put debris, trash, and waste in a 30-yard dumpster but you cannot put hazardous materials in a dumpster since that is against the law. Best to check with your dumpster rental company and find out what is NOT acceptable.

Dumpster Rental Prices

Dumpster rental costs in Denver, CO run typically range between $345 and $535. Most companies charge per week, depending on the size. Expect to pay $1,600 and up for long term rentals of a month or more. Delivery Charges, Mileage Charges & Dump Fees can apply. Unlike most companies, who don't publish their Dumpster Rental Prices, at Roll-Off Remedies Inc. we publish all of our prices right here on our website. We have nothing to hide, and we offer the best roll-off dumpster prices in the metro area. 
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